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A Permanent, Flexible PVC for Bunker Protection

Simple, Seamless Solution That Anyone Can Install

Introduced in 2017, Flexxcape takes the seamless bunker liner concept to the next level. As an ultra-premium option, Flexxcape is designed to outperform bunker hardscapes while offering an extremely simple, hassle-free installation method that anyone can perform. As a non-degradable, synthetic material manufactured with precision specifications, it's capable of standing up to the most rigorous environmental conditions. Flexxcape withstands winter weather, mechanical raking, and ultraviolet exposure.

Flexxcape is manufactured from an industrial PVC in a patented extrusion process that chemically bonds strands together. During the process, small loops are created which increases surface area and adhesion. The proprietary PVC formulation is incredibly durable while maintaining conformity even in a frozen state. Flexxcape will not crack or break-up under repetitive freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Launched:Spring 2017
  • Technical:Extruded, Industrial PVC
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Product Summary:

As the manufacturer and marketer of the popular Sandtrapper product line, we took our expertise in geophysical controls and applied them to the seamless bunker liner concept.

We focused on maintaining simple handling and installation requirements. We focused on washout control, contamination elimination, and consistent playability. We focused on maintenance durability.

Flexxcape is Designed for Installation Simplicity

The installation simplicity of Flexxcape allows it to be far more cost-effective and creates no interruptions to a renovation schedule. Similar to our popular Sandtrapper product line, installing Flexxcape is an intuitive process that does not require any specialized tools, equipment or specialized installers. The product dimensions and packaging format make it easy to move around the course. Two workers can install a typical bunker in under one hour, regardless of wet weather or many other environmental conditions.

Unlike bunker hardscape options, Flexxcape does not require testing of gravel, mix, moisture content, or vendor processes. These types of advanced requirements further complicate a project and renovation schedule. Flexxcape avoids all of these issues and remains the best permanent option.

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We Make it Easy With Great Service & Logistics

Flexxcape is manufactured with precision specifications and packaged for convenience. The patented manufacturing process results in a material that can be counted on day in and day out. Obtaining Flexxcape and getting your renovation project up and running is fast and easy. Manufacturing schedules and on-hand inventory allows project planners a smooth, trouble-free acquisition process.

Product Assurance with a 12-Year Limited Warranty

The Flexxcape 12-Year Warranty is simply the best in the golf industry. It gives the facility common-sense protection, with no complexity or caveats. As we’ve done with our Sandtrapper product for over twenty years, we stand by the quality and performance promises, period.

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