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The Logical, Most Popular Bunker Solution for Over 20 Years

Sandtrapper is Still Leading the Way

The Sandtrapper product line has been the product of choice for over 20 years. With its consistent specification, product performance, longevity, and return on investment calculus, our products deliver the best in bunker protection at the best value. With over 80,000,000 square feet installed at over 8,000 facilities around the world, Sandtrapper is truly the leader in bunker protection.

Turf professionals know that the cost to implement Sandtrapper makes it an easy, intuitive decision. When considering other bunker renovation line-items, the cost of Sandtrapper makes the bunker investment more secure, with greater recuperation of costs through reduced on-going maintenance.

  • Launched:Fall 1997
  • Technical:Non-Woven Polyester
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  • Specifications: Spec Sheet

Product Summary:

During the development of the Sandtrapper product back in the late 1990’s, considerable analysis was performed on the mechanics of water flow in bunker settings. The result was a specific selection of synthetic fibers and binders to create precise product characteristics that combat washouts or contamination. This resulted in two introductory styles -- Sandtrapper II (our premium performer) and Sandtrapper I.

Over the years, we've made additions to the product line-up. In 2004, we added a contamination-only choice with Sandtrapper GEO. In 2007, we added Sandrapper MD as a mid-range choice to fit between, Sandtrapper II and I. In 2011, we added Sandtrapper SL, a divergent technology for those looking at soft-loft product alternative.

Sandtrapper Is Designed for Ease of Installation

When considering any bunker protection solution, it is always important to understand the details of installation and what factors may be problematic. With Sandtrapper, installation has always been a simple, intuitive process. No special tools are required. No special conditions are necessary. From the beginning, we’ve always provided basic guidelines that are easy to follow and help produce the best result.

With Sandtrapper, installation can be performed by internal staff and doesn’t require specialized installers. This is especially important for many facilities that choose to tackle a few bunkers at a time as their schedule and budgets permit.

One convenient advantage is that the weather won’t hamper Sandtrapper installation. Temperature and humidity don’t impact Sandtrapper projects. With hardscape solutions, the moisture level of the aggregate can prevent installation and stall a project for days or weeks. With Sandtrapper, you can immediately unload sand once the product is secured.

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We Make it Easy With Great Service & Logistics

Sandtrapper is manufactured to proper specifications and packaged for convenience. The quality control process results in a material that can be counted on day in and day out. Obtaining Sandtrapper and getting your renovation project up and running is fast and easy. Manufacturing schedules and on-hand inventory allows project planners a smooth, trouble-free acquisition process.

Product Assurance with a 10-Year Warranty

The Sandtrapper 10-Year Warranty is simply the best in the golf industry. It gives the facility common-sense protection, with no complexity or caveats. As we’ve done for over twenty years, we stand by the quality and performance promises, period.

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